What a HEAP!

This is a bit of an old find that I am dredging up but figured it would be good to post anyways.

For the past several months I have been working on a VDI implementation at my workplace.  So far it has been interesting and exciting but there have been a few stumbles along the way.  One of them is what I would like to talk about today.

Trend Deep Security is the technology we chose to protect our VDI environment.  It is one of the more comprehensive suites out there for virtualization and if you are working on any kind of virtualization initiative I would highly recommend checking it out here http://mdb1.info/13eQM4z

There was one snag though that was frustrating during our initial early production trials.  After a few weeks the Deep Security appliances would die and stop protecting the environment.  You could restart the appliances and then everything would be peachy for another week or so and then they would die again.  We tried talking to support a few times and finally were connected with a guy that helped us figure out what the problem was.

Apparently there is a setting deep inside your vm host that needs tweaking if you are going to go down the Deep Security path.  That setting is the Heap size related to the DVSA appliances.  This setting through some sort of magic allows you to run a denser VM host while preventing the pesky disruptions of server appliances crashing or in worse cases the purple screen of death!  For more information check out this Trend KB article http://mdb1.info/VNxxJP but please change the heap size to 512mb or the magic will not work correctly.



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